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Breaking Free from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

In 57 days I’ve learned I can handle much more than I thought… and that when I handle the stress without alcohol, it’s not as bad as I thought it was before. I’ve learned I am a nicer, kinder, more understanding person than the alcohol version. I’m less irritable, more patient, and way less obnoxious

Don’t Label Me Alcoholic Because I Choose Not to Drink

Lots of folks these days, seem fired up about ending the stigma and/or shame of being in recovery, but I still see the labels of “alcoholic” and “addict” tossed about and used by some of the leading voices, and on progressive platforms. I know some things die hard but I’m all for retiring pathological and

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If AA Were Invented Today

I, like many others who found themselves in a cyber-community learning to develop a better attitude towards alcohol, had a visceral horror of AA. With me, it was very personal. My drunk brain lay virtually all of the blame for my misfortunes down to the fact that my ex-husband became so involved, so wedded to

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