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55 Great Reasons to be Alcohol Free

About five years ago I realized that my wine o’ clock routine was no longer an indulgence but a “ball and chain”. I could stop drinking for a week here and there but once I started again the cycle renewed. Days began with a vow “never to drink again“ but ended with a “well deserved“,

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Third Time Lucky: Open Dialogue and Finding Meaning in My Inherited Trauma

I was four years old when I first wanted to run away. My earliest dreams were of flying: my parents and teachers shouting as I ran with arms outstretched, soaring upwards, heading for woodland, friendly birds and safety. When those dreams receded, alcohol took over in my teens, squishing away high levels of anxiety and

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Alcoholic Analogy: Pickles and Cucumbers

I’m reading Caroline Knapp’s book Drinking -A love story, and some things really clicked today “…… Most alcoholics (not all) sooner or later have to grapple with the idea that they have a disease. Some people drink in wildly alcoholic the first time they ever taste the stuff….But those of us who’ve experienced more gradual

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