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Are you Stuck? How to get Started on Succeeding at Sober

Today is a New Day! ….. Stretch and Flex Those Sober Muscles If you have been struggling to stop drinking or stay sober, Today choose THE day you are going to take it on and win through. Start with the right frame of mind : Fall in love with the potential of sobriety, it may not

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Beating Back Alcohol Cravings

Fresh water splashing in hands Beat alcohol cravings

Alcohol cravings come and go throughout the first months sober. If you are in your first month alcohol-free, whether doing Dry July or a longer stretch, by day 20 most of the nightly cravings for alcohol have likely become quite manageable. But the occasional devil on your shoulder, little voice in your head, can come

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How to NOT open a Bottle at Wine o’Clock

Did you know that women are more susceptible to alcohol addiction than men? All of the cutesy Wine o’Clock, Mommy’s Juice, memes that pop up on social media stop being so cute when you read that since 2000, among women in particular, high-risk drinking has increased 60 percent while alcohol use disorder or what is traditionally

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