Are you Stuck? How to get Started on Succeeding at Sober

Today is a New Day! …. . Stretch and Flex Those Sober Muscles Today, choose THE day you are going to take it on and win through. What can you do to help relax you? Meditation, yoga, music, an Epsom salts bath? Read- Visualization and Motivation Listen to – Healing Through Letting Go Urge Surfing

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Sunday Morning Calm- Loving Presence

I feel that I am slowly adjusting to the reality of the commitment I have made to myself to remain alcohol-free, and I have to say that it feels so right and good. I like myself a lot better. I have never been an out of control, hitting rock-bottom drinker. My friends are a little

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Open Your Mind to The Possibilities

Are you Ready for a Fresh Perspective ? Open your mind to the possibilties and Join Us in a Taking a Break from the Booze. For years, I’ve been reading that moderate daily drinking is heart healthy, lowers your chance of eventually developing dementia, and can help you lose weight. Now they’re saying that no

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Staying Sober when Pink Becomes Grey

About the malaise phase, or as it can be more succinctly described , “Meh.” When I first got sober with AA, I took an air balloon ride above EVERYTHING. I was suddenly FREE of daily drinking, over-drinking, hating myself, waking every morning staring into the Face of Regret, breaking daily promises to myself, degrading absolutely

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Sunrise- Sunday Morning Calm

I know from many years of experience, the feeling of being out on a Saturday night and then missing out on the next morning because I was too hung over and tired and wallowing in my disappointment and self-loathing and regret. I think there are people who had it a lot worse. I mean, I was never out of control with it, never hit “rock bottom”, but I saw the pattern of addictive behavior and alcoholism probably going back many many generations and at some point decided that it wasn’t worth it.

It becomes a lifestyle choice. I want to be there and fully present for life as much as possible.