Customization Station

Our products are printed on demand and therefore customizable.

Choose to add images from the images below, change the color of the text, add some words or take some away. Customization makes it your unique message!

If you would like to customize your tee shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie or if you would like to change the design on a mug. pin or necklace – you can ask for customization in the order notes after your address at the bottom of the checkout page.

You can ask to change the color of the lettering from black to white or white to black. You can ask to add an image from those offered below, as well as add one of the versions of our logos. 5 lines of either text or image are allowed on each shirt. Please be exact in your specifications. Where do you want the image? Above the text? Below the text? Between two lines of text? Remember that black will not show up on black so consider the color of the shirt you’ve selected if you wish to customize.

The shirts in this section have been chosen specifically for customization but you may ask to customize any of our shirts using the images below

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