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Self Care Does Not Come in a Bottle – A Newly Sober Mum Reflects on Loving Living Alcohol Free

woman on flowers newly sober mum loving life alcohol free

100 straight alcohol-free days! My first 100 days of change completed and I am a sober mum! I feel I have found my momentum and I’m rolling with it. Words can’t actually describe how I feel but I cannot forget how dark my life felt before – darkness deep in my soul because of alcohol.

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Retrieving Me – My Sober Journey

Woman with shadow of child- Retreiving me the sober journey

I was always worried about being left behind as a child. Overlooked by the neighborhood kids during summer tag games, left off the list for high school party invites. Even as an adult, accomplished in my field, when a smooth talking heavy hitter turns away from me mid-sentence for someone deemed more worthy, that same

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