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I get to a certain point where I think I’m overreacting with this whole completely sober thing. I’m usually put in positions where others around me are drinking (family and friends) and I don’t wan’t to miss out. Then I feel resentful that I’m “doing this to myself” and so eventually I start up again. Because I don’t get drunk per se, nobody says anything or appears concerned. And at first I feel all of this burden dissolve away. Ahhhh…….

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Drinking is this seemingly innocuous guy who sits down by my side on vacation or out to dinner and whispers in my ear

“See, look at them. They drink way more than you do and they get to drink. You’re so dramatic, such a buzzkill. You think you’re so important. You think you really have a problem. You don’t have a problem. Just relax already and have one.”

And I look around that restaurant and I start to believe him. Then a week later I tell myself I won’t do it that day and eventually I do.

He comes to me and then oh so gently holds my face one inch from the surface of the water. He doesn’t shove me way down into a rock bottom, but just enough for me to not get air. It’s time for that to stop.

Someone shared a thought with me that I will remember this time around

“I am not weak because I can’t drink like others. I am strong because I don’t.”

from Clarity

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