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Don’t Stay Down in the Muck

Immersed deep in the booze,down in the muck,You know what?you’re not really stuck! If you decideit’s easier to stay there,one day, you could be “rescued”and taken away,In a black carthat’s larger than most, To a place where the undertaker plays host,Where people would come to visit,Saying it’s such a shame isn’t it But if you choose

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I hate that word. I hate that label. Am I an Alcoholic? My issue was and still is much deeper than that…. You have your own opinion as to whether you agree with the label ‘alcoholic.’ – it’s important that you have your own opinion.Maybe you are happy with the term and that’s great. I personally

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Alcohol Lies

I read this article a few years ago when I was in early days of sobriety  Man in the Netherlands euthanised due to his alcohol addiction It’s about a man in Holland who chose assisted suicide over life because he could not stop drinking. The article didn’t really go into detail about his life except to

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Sobriety is the Best Kept Secret

Woman chainsaw dog garden

This is a picture of me in my sober badass shoes. My daughter took the picture a few years ago to help me tell a story. I don’t usually sit around in my back yard wearing cutoff shorts and high heels. But this day was special! I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

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Alcohol Use is a Spectrum


A “Alcoholic” is an unhelpful L label for people and it C causes a lot of upset. When trying to O overcome many obstacles and H heal their lives, people feel almost O Ostracized, why should that be? L Lots of people have alcohol issues and we need to U understand this could include S

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