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Coming Home to Myself at 7 Months Sober

The Besty Dreams Happen When You are awake - Coming Home to Myself at 7 months sober

I just flew sober for the first time in my adult life. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but after 26 years of associating air travel with airport bars and the cocktail cart, I was afraid that I couldn’t handle flying alcohol-free. Rather than checking in and numbing out I was awake and

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My Sobriety is a Threat to My Addiction

This realization came to me on one of my last sober stretches. I was doing great, hopped in the shower, and BAM, my brain started unleashing every hurt followed by the fear of facing them sober. It almost knocked the wind out of me. I have kept some painful truths tucked away in there and

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Smokey Bear Was Right

In this brave new world of sobriety, there seem to be a myriad of misnomers for our interaction with alcohol. Throughout the drinking years, I got used to throwing some of them around in order to deflect a reality I wasn’t ready to accept. Moderation? Moderate drinking? I’d like to set myself straight once and

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Programme Your Computer Brain to Stay Sober

Computer Brain neuroplasticity and alcohol addiction

I love reading about science, psychology, and human behavior. Recently I have been reading a lot about Habit Formation which helps me understand my own addiction and my recovery in sobriety. Habit Formation is Neuroplasticity simplified! As much as I like science, I also like simple ways of understanding things. I like to understand neuroplasticity

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