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  • Feel Like You Can’t NOT Drink?

    Feel Like You Can’t NOT Drink?

    When I first stopped drinking I recall endless questions and scenarios racing through my head : “What about Christmas? I can’t NOT drink?!” “My birthday is in a few months, maybe I’ll wait and start “sober” after?” “Crap, summer months: I drink A LOT, and with our hotel customers, what will happen? These people bring […]

  • 10 Tools to Help You Break the Alcohol Habit

    10 Tools to Help You Break the Alcohol Habit

    Why do so many smokers keep smoking though they say they want to quit? Or people say they need to eat heathier or exercise more but don’t do it? Or drinkers who know its unhealthy yet keep drinking? Why did I still drink after deciding to stop so many times? Why could I not break […]

  • Just Don’t Drink ?

    Just Don’t Drink ?

    Several times in the past few years, I made a resolution to stop drinking alcohol and to work hard at staying sober. I put my foot down with myself and said “Just Don’t Drink!” But after a few weeks or even days, I gave in to the call of the alcohol. I had worked very […]

  • Why I am Grateful I Drank

    Why I am Grateful I Drank

    I am reflecting this morning on feeling grateful for my alcohol addiction. Wait, what??? That seems crazy, right? Why would I be grateful for something that caused me so much pain and misery? Why would I honor something that stole years of my life through hangovers, regret, and shame? But I am. Because without going […]

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