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Leaving My Abusive Relationship With Alcohol

Broken Hearted Lover who left abusive marriage and alcohopl abuse

My relationship with alcohol did not follow the path that I expected when I took my first casual drink. I once thought that alcohol was my confidant, my comfort, my power. But alcohol turned out to be a narcissist, a bully, my kryptonite. My relationship with alcohol was like a love turned sour and I

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The Trick To Quit Drinking is to Never Quit Quitting

Childrens Drawaing - Never Give Up The trick to quit drinking is to never quit quitting

Once alcohol got its claws in me, I definitely drank compulsively. I knew I didn’t want to drink. I thought all the time about how much I didn’t want to drink. I swore I would never, ever drink again. Then I drank and drank and drank like all the booze in the world was somehow

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Looking Back to the Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol from a Newly Sober Perspective

Perspective in a tunnel - Looking back to the Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol From a Newly Sober Perspecticve

I used to dread the possibility of having to go sober. The only thing worse than a hangover was the thought of stopping drinking forever. I would often wonder if there were others like me. Do you ever ask yourself …Why can’t I be normal? Drink a normal amount at the pub, head home and

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