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  • A Burning Desire

    A Burning Desire

    I have always loved a raging fire. Bonfires, beach fires, fires in the fireplace, candle flames… I find flames hypnotic and inspiring. Fire is visual music to me. In Portugal, forest fires are part of the late summer landscape. Sometimes a carelessly thrown cigarette butt will light up a eucalyptus grove and sometimes the fires […]

  • Magically Sober “BOOM” !

    Magically Sober “BOOM” !

    It was very hard to stop drinking. I was used to “doing”. I didn’t know how to relax. My relaxing came in a bottle and without it I had to figure it out a new way to live.

  • Dancing with the Devil I Know

    Dancing with the Devil I Know

    Nice to meet you; My name is ‘Al’, You ask me ‘What’s your aim?’. I am your very best friend, just listen, I’ll explain. I can make you feel good, take away your doubt, your fear,your pain. You can be free, One of us,the In Crowd The ones who know what there is to gain. […]

  • Guide to your First Month Sober: Why and How to Quit Drinking

    Guide to your First Month Sober: Why and How to Quit Drinking

    Demystifying the First Month Sober for the Sober Curious I’m nothing short of stunned by the dramatic changes that have occurred in my life over the course of the past 5 weeks since I decided to commit to 3 months of sobriety. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to describe my first month sober […]

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