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What Works – Two years Alcohol-Free

I used to stop drinking for a month and pat myself on the back and drink again and slide back to drinking just as much. I used to go a month without alcohol and count the days until I could drink again. I couldn’t imagine a life without drinking as part of it- in some

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When I was Drinking I was Afraid

person afraid, in context of stop drinking

I was afraid that I was destroying my health. I was afraid that the whites of my eyes were turning yellow I was afraid that I was an alcoholic I was afraid that I couldn’t stop drinking I was afraid of Sobriety Afraid I’d be dull Afraid I’d lose my friends Afraid I couldn’t do

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Why is it so Hard for Habitual Drinkers to Just Stop Drinking?

Help! to Stop Drinking , Message in a bottle

How the Little Voice works Full disclosure: Everything that follows is my personal opinion. Feel free to throw rocks, but if you don’t mind, pick small ones with rounded edges. Pillows would be good! The human mind is associative. Our thoughts and experiences create associations in memory. Examples: When I was very young, we went

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My Sobriety Blog – Day One

Woman Blogging- My first post in an online community to stop drinking

On March 6, 2015, I stumbled over an online community called Hello Sunday Morning that was designed to help people change their relationship with alcohol by blogging together in a private space. I had only recently started reading blogs to help me stop drinking and stumbled over HSM on Facebook while searching sobriety blogs. I

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