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Grateful for the Simple Gift of Sobriety in my Second Alcohol-Free Holiday Season

Gift of Sobriety

It’s that time of year again, when almost everything I see and hear triggers old memories of past Christmases. For at least 20 years I drank my way through the holidays, in part to blank out the sadness and grief those memories often conjured as my family grew and left home, my social circle shrank,

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It’s up to You

Sober hero of the day

A life like this You don’t want to miss a single second Happy moments beckon  By choosing to be free and present You can really lessen “Sleeping ” through the good timesyou could otherwise miss  A kind word or gesture, Shared memories,a first kiss It could be a wedding,a play not attended a heart not mendedAs you were far too hungover To make the

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