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  • Lying : the Fuel that Feeds Addiction

    Lying : the Fuel that Feeds Addiction

    When I was pregnant I did not drink a drop but I did continue to smoke a bit. There was no way I would take the chance of getting my babies drunk and risk that they’d miss some aspect of brain development but I managed to talk myself into three cigarettes a day. Just enough […]

  • Thought for the Day

    Thought for the Day

    I don’t believe that there is one type of addictive personality but I know that the loss of control all addicts experience does lead to shame. Shame leads to isolation and the solution is community. Sharing our stories and supporting others in the process of recovery is the best way to not only break the addiction but rediscover the value of who we are as individuals.

  • 55 Great Reasons to be Alcohol Free

    55 Great Reasons to be Alcohol Free

    About five years ago I realized that my wine o’ clock routine was no longer an indulgence but a “ball and chain”. I could stop drinking for a week here and there but once I started again the cycle renewed. Days began with a vow “never to drink again“ but ended with a “well deserved“, […]

  • Nothing tastes better than sober…

    Nothing tastes better than sober…

    People world wide carry out normal every day lives without booze alongside people who drink. They are not bored stupid every night. They have friends. They go out. They drink liquids. Yes. I know. This came as a shock to me also in the beginning. The reality is that addictive substances lie. They convince you, you can’t live without them. The media and advertising are on their team and tell you the same. But the reality is that while it can feel weird, stressful, uncomfortable, lonely and a bunch of other emotions at once, after a time AF, you find your ‘new normal’. And…. brace yourself for the next shocking revelation… you CAN enjoy this lifestyle.

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