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Am I an Alcoholic?

Am I an Alcoholic ? That was a question that troubled me for years. I would wake up hung-over, guilty, and afraid. I’d swear “I’ll never Drink Again ! ” and stop drinking. But after a few days of sobriety I’d quickly revert to form assuming that alcoholics could not stop so easily and if

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Thought for the Day

I don’t believe that there is one type of addictive personality but I know that the loss of control all addicts experience does lead to shame. Shame leads to isolation and the solution is community. Sharing our stories and supporting others in the process of recovery is the best way to not only break the addiction but rediscover the value of who we are as individuals.

Is It Time to Take a Break from Drinking ?

Drinking Alcohol is a common pastime of many Americans, and indeed, of many people throughout the world. It’s normalized in almost all forms of media, from tv shows and movies to songs on the radio. The media has shown binge drinking and getting drunk to be the norm, so how do we know when our

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