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  • Follow the Road Home to Yourself

    Follow the Road Home to Yourself

    The HOLIDAY SEASON is upon us. That brilliant, colorful, high-energy marathon of joy and stress between October 31st and January 1st. There is no time of year with more pressure to drink than these two months. If you’re trying to go alcohol-free it can seem impossible, and if you’ve got some sober momentum going it…

  • Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycemia

    Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycemia

    When trying to stop drinking, regardless of our degree of dependence on alcohol, many of us experience cravings at a ‘witching hour’, often between 4 and 8 pm. I used to think this was just because it was a habit to have a drink after a long day. We ‘deserved’ a drink and so had…

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