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4 Posts to Get You EXCITED About Living Alcohol-Free in 2022

Have you made a resolution to stay alcohol-free in 2022? Congratulations! You can say good-bye to hangovers and welcome the gentle morning in. Alcohol-free means Hangover Free! and there are endless benefits to never again waking up feeling like this. Toward the end of my drinking career, I had horrific, soul-crushing hangovers. I had countless

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22 Posts to Get You Started on Staying Sober in 2022 – Part 2

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Have you decided to go sober in 2022? If you are thinking about stopping drinking that is a good beginning, but actually going alcohol-free when you’ve been drinking habitually can be overwhelming. If your New Year’s resolution is sobriety in 2022 it’s important to do some groundwork. The groundwork that worked for me when I

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