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  • 3 Songs to Inspire You in Living Proudly Alcohol-Free

    Sobriety and freedom were not words that I associated with one another until very recently. When I realized that I needed to stop drinking I was terrified that my life would become dull. Without color. Without creative focus. And then I read a book by Lucy Rocca called How to lead a happier, healthier, and […]

  • Solve the Puzzle of Self Love

    Sobriety and life right now feels to me like I’m building a giant puzzle. I had some pieces to start but didn’t know where they belonged or how they would fit. I felt unsure, nervous and even terrified of ruining the puzzle or losing the pieces, but I started building it anyways. More pieces started […]

  • Celebrate A SOBER Super Bowl Sunday

    Are you enjoying life with two free hands instead of one wrapped around a drink? Congratulations! Alcohol-free is freedom! When I was drinking I could not imagine a Sober Super Bowl Sunday. I’d spend the game yelling at the tv, and the more I drank the louder I got. Then I’d end up embarrassed the […]

  • 12 Posts for Your Pocket to Help You Celebrate the Holidays Alcohol- Free

    Last year some of the long-term members of our BOOM Rethink the Drink Community shared their “Posts of Sober Christmas Past” or more simply said, their alcohol-free holiday season experience. Those posts were moved to our Boozemusings blog archive. Here is a selection of 12. It’s a gift pack of inspiration and ideas to keep you […]

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