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Focus on the Danger of Drinking Alcohol or Sobriety as a Positive Choice?

April was Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. An opportunity to raise awareness about alcohol and alcohol-related harm. But most of the Alcohol Awareness campaign focuses on an abstract 5 to 10 % of people who are considered alcoholics or suffering from an alcohol-use disorder. We still think of alcohol as deadly only to an

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Grateful for the Gift of Desperation

Is it possible to be grateful for alcoholism? Is there really such a thing as the gift of desperation? Over the years I have read blog posts all over the internet about people being grateful for their alcoholism once they stop drinking.  It is often called the gift of desperation. They believe that without the

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Drinking Myself Away

Sad woman when I was drinking

When I was drinking, and particularly as I approached the end of my drinking career, I was a faded, bloated, mess. My skin and hair were dry and dull. My nails were cracked and brittle. My eyes had no sparkle. My face was constantly puffy. I looked tired. All. The. Time. Where I was once

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Why I’m Loving Life Sober – A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Post

Discover the Taste of Serenity - tea post- Dry January 2021 Inspiration

6. I am loving life sober because stress is more manageable when I start my day fresh – related reading How to Override your Lizard Brain7. I’m more productive at work8. When I sit forward on a chair I’m way less likely to fall of it in front of everyone9. Zero alcohol means less anxiety

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