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  • The Truth Behind my Façade – Resetting my Sober Motivation

    6 months ago my drinking was out of control and had completely taken over my life. To say I was motivated to go sober is without question. Here’s the thing though – my motivation to get sober was through the roof but not in a positive or formative way. My motivation to stop drinking and […]

  • 12 Posts for Your Pocket to Help You Celebrate the Holidays Alcohol- Free

    Last year some of the long-term members of our BOOM Rethink the Drink Community shared their “Posts of Sober Christmas Past” or more simply said, their alcohol-free holiday season experience. Those posts were moved to our Boozemusings blog archive. Here is a selection of 12. It’s a gift pack of inspiration and ideas to keep you […]

  • ALCOHOL PART 1, 2, 3 and 4

    You have to trust the person that on day one knew it was the right choice to put down the drink

    ALCOHOL PART 1 Over many years I was slowly sucked into papering over the thoughts in my head and the cracks in my life with the thought changing drug called alcohol. My growing dependence on my crutch was so subtle and so insidious that by the time I realised I was seriously trapped I couldn’t […]

  • Don’t Drown in Pandemic Drinking – Lock the Alcohol Out

    Red Door Pandemic Drinking

    I read an article in the Los Angeles Times that made me extra grateful I decided to stop drinking when the pandemic lockdowns started last spring. The article was titled – As alcohol abuse rises amid pandemic, hospitals see a wave of deadly liver disease – The implications about pandemic drinking are terrifying–and the patients […]

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