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A Lazy Girls Guide to Sober Momentum – An Alcohol Free Gift to You

Lazy Girls guide to Sober momentum

Were you offered a bottle of wine as a gift for International Women’s Day? Specialty wines made for women, and made by women are all the rage. Women are celebrated as influencers in the wine industry, but according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2020), alcohol is killing us. As recently as

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One Step Removed From Alcohol – Walking the Walk in my Sober Shoes

Walking woman walking the walk in my sober shoes

I’m 85 days alcohol-free today, not for the first time, but in this second try at staying sober long term, I’m starting to feel a little different. It’s a bit odd but welcome. I feel like I’m finally walking the walk in my sober shoes. Like a step has been removed from my path to alcohol

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12 Days of Holiday Cookies and Home-Baked Sobriology

12 Days of Holidat Cookies and Homebaked Sobriology

Sweet Distractions for my first sober holiday season Are you feeling shaky during the holidays? Does everything feel a little futile? Are you into avoiding work and ignoring emails? Do you want to bury your existential dread in nonpareils and royal icing? You too might need cookies! Or (speaking for myself) therapy! I spent today

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