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Alcohol Awareness Agenda – Please Stop Sober Shaming!

Alcohol Awareness Month Stop Sober shaming

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. We speak often and openly about our national epidemic of opioid addiction, yet talking of alcohol as an equally dangerous drug is considered an overreaction. Suggesting that Wine o’clock is problematic can get you kicked out of the cool club. I wish that society could show

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From Resentment to Joy – Reaching Out as I Begin my 3rd Alcohol-Free Holiday Season

JOY in Lights Alcohol-free holiday season

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I don’t have a hangover. I’m sitting here eating pumpkin bread, sipping coffee and thinking of Thanksgivings past. I quit drinking February of 2018, making this my third alcohol-free holiday season. Every year on Thanksgiving I’d start drinking in the early afternoon, my elegant wine glass close at hand

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How to NOT open a Bottle at Wine o’Clock

Did you know that women are more susceptible to alcohol addiction than men? All of the cutesy Wine o’Clock, Mommy’s Juice, memes that pop up on social media stop being so cute when you read that since 2000, among women in particular, high-risk drinking has increased 60 percent while alcohol use disorder or what is traditionally

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