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  • Road Signs on My Sober Journey

    Road Signs on My Sober Journey

    Inside me is a scared girl that is learning she is brave and bold and can stand up. The work can be ugly, hard and painful but no matter how tired she gets she has to keep going.

  • 30 Days Sober? Yes You Can !

    30 Days Sober? Yes You Can !

    If you are new to trying life alcohol-free, I hope this package of posts may help encourage you to stick with it through those difficult early days. It’s true that the beginning can feel rough but the beginning is also the stuff of miracles, of subtle and massive shifts, of learning and growing and questioning-…

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Eyes Wide Open

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pledged to stop drinking forever, only to find myself back on day one again. I’ve struggled with the commitment to stay sober, even while participating in an online community where others are making it happen every day. So, I decided this month to try something different. Every…

  • A Book Club About Much More Than Quit Lit

    A Book Club About Much More Than Quit Lit

    Four years ago I followed an article on how to stop drinking to an online community called BOOM. My early days in the Boom Rethink the Drink Community were life-saving. I devoured every post shared in the app, and I unabashedly shared my story, my fears, and my eventual success. I also found a new…

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