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How to Stop Drinking – Make This the Week That Your Sobriety Takes Off

Woman shooting arrow- Make this the week that you stop drinking

Five years ago I found myself desperate to stop drinking but not sure how to do it. My drinking had escalated to daily blackout levels at some point in 2008. My justification was stress and loneliness. The combination of being a single parent, a high-pressure job, and the 2-hour daily commute made me feel trapped

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Dropping the Stigma of Outdated Language

Woman walikng away from Hang overs

The two of us discussing this decided that rather than holding onto the label alcoholic and rather than calling ourselves sober – a word that sounds so dull and heavy that it cannot begin to describe the liberation of living alcohol free!- we will talk of reaching for Sobrenity! Sobrenity! We picked up that wonderful

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How Do You Stay Sober When Your Friends Encourage You to Drink?

Don't Stop The Party! Are your Friends Making it Hard for you to stay sober

At five years openly sober I have friends and family who still unwittingly try to enable me to drink. They don’t mean to hurt me. They want the best for me. But to them, the best thing for me is being able to drink when I want to and stop when I want to, and

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