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  • Solve the Puzzle of Self Love

    Sobriety and life right now feels to me like I’m building a giant puzzle. I had some pieces to start but didn’t know where they belonged or how they would fit. I felt unsure, nervous and even terrified of ruining the puzzle or losing the pieces, but I started building it anyways. More pieces started […]

  • Tune In to an Alcohol-Free Month this February

    After years of reports that moderate drinking was heart smart, it now turns out that No Amount of Alcohol Is Good for Your Heart and Any Amount of Drinking Is Bad for You. With nearly 1 in 5 Americans using alcohol to cope with pandemic stress and binge drinking increasing in the UK, and Canada […]

  • 4 Great Posts to Help You Answer the Moderate Drinking Question

    Have you ever asked yourself – Can I maybe learn to control my drinking or have I completely lost my off-switch with alcohol? I asked that question many times and always found through trial and error that the answer was the same for me. If other people had a switch they could flip off to […]

  • My First Alcohol-Free Business Trip

    Like a Boss Cup Alcohol-Free Buisiness travel

    I stopped drinking in 2020 during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. My first year alcohol-free year was full of challenges, but thanks to endless lockdowns and working at home, dealing with boozy business trips was not one of them. My first alcohol-free business trip was definitely a test, and I’m relieved to say […]

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