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  • Walking From Darkness Into Light

    Walking From Darkness Into Light

    Alcohol wasn’t the problem, it was the solution…life was the problem. Trying to navigate through feelings, memories, emotions, life’s inevitable ups and downs, lack of confidence and PTSD, alcohol was the answer. And it worked. Until it didn’t. I had a very long and twisted relationship with alcohol. It gnawed away at the best of […]

  • The Key is Endurance

    The Key is Endurance

    Every time you stop, you learn a little more about what sober is. So tonight I stopped in at a local grocery store to get a few things. It’s the freestanding kind that has a liquor store in it. The thought of going in to buy alcohol didn’t cross my mind, any more than walking […]

  • How to get From Here to There

    How to get From Here to There

    I’ve been pondering the question of how to get from here to there…..here of course being addicted to alcohol and there being free from alcohol. This is a very different thing to ‘not drinking’. Not drinking is very hard work! It assumes that drinking is desirable but for some reason, we aren’t very good at […]

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