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Getting It

the vast majority of people who binge drink are highly functional. It might be the Dr that doesn’t ask you the questions he should about your drinking when he realizes that your symptoms could be alcohol related. It might be the school teacher who is just a little to edgy this morning because they are still ashamed of not remembering going to bed last night after the second bottle of wine.

A few months ago after many years of wondering, goggling, reading, questioning, doubting….I realized that it was me. And even though I really have known that for such a long time doing something about it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.

Coming Out Sober

I’m a bit over a year sensationally sober and it’s time to come out. Anonymity can be crucial to success for people who try to stop drinking but at some point those of us who have succeeded need to stand up and say proudly Enjoy your drink, I’ll enjoy my Sobriety. I’ve Earned It! One

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Pickles and Cucumbers

I’m reading ” Drinking -A love story” and some stuff really clicked today I haven’t figured out how to copy and paste from my kindle app so I’m actually going to type this out because I think it’s really important…here goes “…… Most alcoholics (not all) sooner or later have to grapple with the idea

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