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  • Getting It

    Getting It

    Before we can stop drinking we have to understand why we need to. That sounds simple but those of us who have gotten to that point know that it is not. We justify our drinking as an adult release. We think that we are entitled and of course, it is necessary for us to have…

  • Coming Out Sober

    Coming Out Sober

    I’m a bit over a year sensationally sober and it’s time to COME OUT! The stigma and shame surrounding alcoholism made privacy and anonymity crucial to my success in my first year , but at some point, those of us who have managed to stay alcohol-free for long enough to feel solid, need to stand…

  • Alcoholic Analogy: Pickles and Cucumbers

    Alcoholic Analogy: Pickles and Cucumbers

    This was written in 2015. It was one of the first posts that I shared in the process of blogging my way sober. I was about six weeks alcohol-free and found the “cucumber to pickle” alcoholic analogy helpful in explaining why I could not drink moderately… ever again. I’m reading Caroline Knapp’s book Drinking -A…

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