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22 Posts to Get You Started on Staying Sober in 2022 – Part 1

I was talking with a friend this morning who mentioned that she was going to write down 22 things she hoped to achieve in 2022. What a great idea! I searched the internet to see if I could find the motivational author she mentioned that suggested that idea, and it looks like a lot of

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Singing the Siren to Sleep – Community Support to Stop Drinking

Woman with Bottle at Sea- singing the siren to sleep community support to stop drinking

I’ll be 7 years sober in March, and I owe that to something I never imagined I would find myself doing, actively participating in an online community for support to stop drinking. The informal private blogging that we do together has encouraged me to keep track of exactly how I’ve felt along the way. Not

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“Are You Still Not Drinking?” – How I Quit Drinking and Made Sober Stick!

I was scrolling through headlines yesterday and this jumped out at me, Need for liver transplants due to heavy drinking soared during the pandemic. My first reaction was relief that I quit drinking two years ago and no longer have to worry about whether or not I’m tipping over the line from high functioning, gray

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What if it Takes 7 Years to Master Staying Sober? It’s Worth it!

It's a Process not a diagnosis - Staying sober

In early 2013 I realized that I might have an issue with drinking and control. I was successful, hardworking, athletic, and recently divorced. The divorce set me off my normal routine. I had more nights out with the guys and clients, so there was an excuse to drink every night. Two or three beers a night

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