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Creating the Journey – It’s in Your Hands

Crumpled paper to paper airplain- creating the journey alcohol-free

I really never thought I could stop drinking after 30 years of daily alcohol excess. I’ve had periods where I’ve drunk less ( less meaning about 6 units on weekday nights!!) but the nightly drinking was still constant even then. Over my entire 30-year drinking career, I have done one Dry January and have had

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The Quiet Storm of Self that Emerged When I Quit Drinking

I drank to treat myself, to express myself, and soothe myself, but when I put down the wine I was doing it to save my life. Self-care, self-awareness, and self-realization are not what I expected to find when I stopped drinking, I just stopped because I had to. I was drinking considerably more than the

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Breaking the Bond that Tied me Down – Goodbye to Alcohol

I believe we have the power sign -- Breaking the bond that tied me down Say Goodbye to alcohol

I still vividly remember the moment I said GOODBYE to Alcohol. As I poured that evenings first drink I knew I’d drink until I could drink no more, it was practically neat vodka that looked like week tea as it only had a tiny bit of coke in it. This had become my daily ritual.

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Perspective from Two Years Alcohol – Free

Today I’m celebrating two years of alcohol-free life. In that time I experienced my best friend’s death, the effects of withdrawal from years of benzodiazepine dependence, major surgery, and the upheavals of a world-wide pandemic. And as hard as many of these events were and continue to be, I’m proud that I got through them

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