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The Naltrexone Option – Stop Drinking With the Sinclair Method

Woman chosing door- Represnting The Naltrrexone option and the Sinclait Method to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Fast forward to today, I’m sober. I met & married the man of my dreams, I’ve lost 20kg and have no desire to drink. Life is brilliant. Still 50/50, there’s good and bad but nothing like the agony of drinking. Today I am 434 days alcohol-free, with the help of Naltrexone and compliance with the

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Programme Your Computer Brain to Stay Sober

Computer Brain neuroplasticity and alcohol addiction

I love reading about science, psychology, and human behavior. Recently I have been reading a lot about Habit Formation which helps me understand my own addiction and my recovery in sobriety. Habit Formation is Neuroplasticity simplified! As much as I like science, I also like simple ways of understanding things. I like to understand neuroplasticity

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Gray Area Drinking- The Truth About How Alcohol Damages Your Brain

Shadow Gray area drinking

I read an article the other day titled Drinking any amount of alcohol causes damage to the brain, study finds. It starts with a news clip where a doctor is explaining that everybody reacts differently to alcohol. Which is another way of saying that some people get addicted and others don’t. Some people are moderate

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Are You Ready to End Your Abusive Relationship With Alcohol?

Follow your Heart How is your relationship with alcohol affecting your other relationships

Today is an important day for me. Today is my son’s birthday. He is already in his 30’s and that’s how long my relationship with alcohol pushed him out the way. For a large part of his life, I wasn’t present. Oh, I was there – but I wasn’t there for him. Because I was

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