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  • An Alcohol-Free Holiday Season?

    An Alcohol-Free Holiday Season?

    The holidays are here. I guess they began with Halloween. Or was it Labor Day, or July Fourth, or last weekend, or was it thirsty Thursday? You know the drill. What’s your excuse for drinking? Just pick one…they are everywhere. They’re free, but (full disclosure), they do come with strings attached. And everyone will be…

  • Chasing the High of Loving Life Alcohol-Free

    Chasing the High of Loving Life Alcohol-Free

    I’d hide extra drinks while on drinking trips with friends, which was insane and silly to me even then but I did it anyway. No one would of cared how much I was drinking in my crowd, but I think it was that little voice in the back of my head trying to protect the…

  • How Do You Stop Drinking?

    How Do You Stop Drinking?

    This is what the later stages of alcoholism looks like: A resignation to the power that booze has over you, a sadness that it holds itself so tightly in your grip you have let it take the wheel. The ruin of relationships, health and the light that was once in your eyes. All stolen by…

  • Do You Really Want to Stop Drinking?

    Do You Really Want to Stop Drinking?

    Maybe you make it through a white knuckle weekend, but you didn’t cave. And you make it another week. I think I can handle it this time…no more drinking too much, no more hangovers. But then you have a bad day at work and come home and have a drink (but only one).  And the…

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