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  • Care to Party Sober?

    Young woman on crowd at concer

    Does alcohol steal your fun?Or leave you with the excitement of a night just begun? At the end of the night, Did you witness a fight?When you went “out out”,Did you hear people shout? Did you have fun? Or try this one:When you had drunk too much And someone tried to touch,you inappropriately And you lost your phone and house […]

  • Sobriety is the Best Kept Secret

    Woman chainsaw dog garden

    This is a picture of me in my sober badass shoes. My daughter took the picture a few years ago to help me tell a story. I don’t usually sit around in my back yard wearing cutoff shorts and high heels. Usually, I’m barefoot! But this day was special! I’ll tell you more about that […]

  • The HIDDEN despair and deaths from Alcohol-Abuse….

    Alcohol kills.  Yes, it really does.  But it’s often a slow and very complex decline and the ‘cherry on the cake’ of already blighted lives.  This UK research study into Assessment Reviews of people who died from alcohol shows how complex it is. We must learn to stop stigmatising.  First, we stop stigmatising ourselves: so […]

  • Why Do I Feel Like I’ll Die Without a Drink ?

    Stress! Why I Feel Like I'll Die Without a Drink

    One of the reasons that many people are afraid to stop drinking, or accept that they should cut down rather than quit cold turkey, is that they have heard that if they drink habitually they could quite literally die without a drink. For people who are physically dependent on alcohol, not drinking can be dangerous. […]

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