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Anxiety, Alcohol and Sobriety

woman hiding under covers anxiety alcohol and sobriety

Disclaimer: Many people suffer from anxiety disorders. They are very real, very treatable medical conditions. The intent of this post is not to speak about anxiety in terms of those medical conditions, but rather to speak about it as it relates to my experience with alcohol abuse and sobriety. If you are struggling with anxiety

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Alcohol, Anxiety and the Octopus

Octopus teacher hiding in shell Alcohol Anxiety and Sobriety

Have you seen the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher ? Watching it was a revelation to me and shed so much light on my relationship with alcohol and anxiety. The Octopus is a fascinating and brilliant creature of survival. When she must go out into the world, the octopus can change colors, camouflaging herself to

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Not My Circus Not My Monkeys – How to Stop Drinking at the Problems of the World

Circus alcohol anxiety

What are the reasons I drank? Alcohol had become my ‘go to’ for all life’s ups and downs. I’m not alone in that. That’s why many people drink alcohol. So what are the reasons you need to drink alcohol? Have you found any of them yet? My embers were always slow burning in me and

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Sober I am no Longer the Victim in the Tragedy of my own Making

Opehilia Sinking but Sober I am no longer the victim of my own tragedy

“She sinks. She sinks in holy sadness. Like an Ophelia in tears she sinks”― Georges Rodenbach My brother, who works with addicts in a hospital, told me that the average number of times it takes to really quit drinking and stay sober is five. So four practice runs and then finally on the 5th one sobriety

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