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Alcohol-Free Day 149 to Day 150- Sober Evolution !

Heart hurts Battles to fight Alcohol won’t make it all alright Better to be alert than hideBrave the rideBe awake and fight Pep talk for myself time again  Hard times?Sometimes life not fine? Yes that’s occasionally realityUnfortunately But,Having clearer vision from No alcohol to muddy the watersOr destroy our dreams, Could definitely lead to happier scenes For us, our family, our son’s or

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Sober Curious? Here’s an Invitation and a Recipe for You

Sober-curious has recently become a phrase that sparks debate. When I was drinking, and for the first couple of years that I was alcohol-free, I loved a good debate. I thrived on arguing the pros and cons of a situation. I was determined to fight for right and I got a powerful rush out of

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