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  • Turning Wrong into Right

    Turning Wrong into Right

    Parenting a challenged child, without the crutch of wine-time, is about understanding the power of simply taking it one day at a time. Don’t worry so much about the future Just focus on being present today About turning to alcohol? Try not to be swayed!Or the future… probably won’t be ok What you are able…

  • From my Struggling Son to His Struggling Mum

    From my Struggling Son to His Struggling Mum

    Debunking the Glamour of Mummy’s Wine Time One Voice at a Time Positivity breeds positivity What you can see I’ll learn to view As optimistically as you. I’ll learn it from you. To be really positive about things going on, Will lead to me being a happier son. I pick up on your mood, it…

  • Autism, Alcohol and Me

    Autism, Alcohol and Me

    What an interesting combination In my family That’s why you seeThe idea of moderation Just won’t help my situation  Where perception is affected I think alcohol is best rejected When my children see a distorted view I find it’s true That mine must be crystal clear To see what’s really happening And to properly be able to hear Autism is a complex condition I’ve…

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