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  • Thawing Out the Fear of Going Sober

    Bud breaking through snow - Thawing out the Fear of going sober

    Going sober can be so hard in the beginning. Most of us feel a freezing shame when we decide that we need to stop drinking. We are afraid that we won’t be able to learn to live alcohol-free. Starting out sober is like learning any life skill. We are afraid that we will slip. That […]

  • Loving Life Takes Practice – Living Joyfully in Year 3 Sober

    Woman in Dance pose representing Sober Practice and Loving Life alcohol free in year 3

    What does it feel like to live sober long term and joyfully, rather than simply taking the usual 30-day alcohol detox that many people find difficult to endure? Have you considered staying sober after Dry January? How do people enjoy life without at least the occasional drink, for a year, or two, or more? Sober […]

  • Courting My Wild Twin or My Self-Reconciliation in Sobriety

    Woman and reflection Courting my Wild Twin or My Self-Reconciliation in sobriety

    This week I’ve been reading Courting the Wild Twin, by Martin Shaw, which explores the myth that we all have a wild twin who was tossed out the window when we were born, and who carries with them much of our own wildness and vitality. Old folktales about our wild twins encourage us to mend […]

  • Mummy Juice

    Pink whistle

    About a year or two ago, the book club I’m part of chose the book ‘Why Mummy Drinks’, by Gill Sims. I borrowed it from another woman and read about two chapters before thinking what a load of tripe and put it down.  And it wasn’t because I was going to stop drinking anytime soon.  […]

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