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  • The Magic is Within Us All

    The Magic is Within Us All

    Evicting the Wine Witch : Get away from victim mentalityIt curbs authenticity Gives the Wine Witch permission and authority To try to ruin your life, oh boy Do you want to hand over your capacity for joy?To someone who doesn’t careDelights when you despair inmisery  It’s not easy to seeWhat a slippery slope Wine can beIt crept up […]

  • Wake Up!

    Wake Up!

    I want a drink, I’m stressed to the maxI deserve a break FFS!!!!!After all how much could one bottle take?Actually quite a bit it seemsFor there is a lot at stake I know the facts I know the risks to health and emotion Yet I think of wine as a magic potion To ease the […]

  • If the world were coming to an end would I drink?

    If the world were coming to an end would I drink?

    Today as I watched the Sunday news and reviews, I was remembering an epiphany I had a couple of years ago. I was out walking my dog and enjoying the sunrise and the wildflowers. It was spring and the natural world was full of early morning promise. But there was some troubling news that had […]

  • Living Life Alcohol-Free

    Living Life Alcohol-Free

    One thing I have always been terrified of when I thought about knocking the booze on the head was ‘what if I lose my edge?’ I have always considered myself a rocker of sorts, I lived the life of excess and experienced all the ups and downs that came with it. A part of me […]

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