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  • I am Curious

    I am Curious

    When I think about all the things that helped me get and stay sober, the no. 1 was Curiosity. You see, in 2015, at the age of 62, I have to admit I’d never done this before: never quit drinking, never considered I had a problem, never done a dry January (beyond my wildest imagination!). […]

  • The Key is Endurance

    The Key is Endurance

    Every time you stop, you learn a little more about what sober is. So tonight I stopped in at a local grocery store to get a few things. It’s the freestanding kind that has a liquor store in it. The thought of going in to buy alcohol didn’t cross my mind, any more than walking […]

  • Mummy’s Wine Time

    Mummy’s Wine Time

    Why did I stop drinking? I wasn’t a blackout binge drinker and I didn’t come close to hitting any kind of rock bottom. I just decided it was time to take a break from the booze. As a mother and as a woman my wine time wasn’t serving me well anymore. My mum was congratulating […]

  • Redefining ‘Me Time’

    Redefining ‘Me Time’

    I saw an e-card on Facebook about eight years ago that made me laugh out loud. “Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine for your mom on mother’s day. You’re one of the reasons she drinks” That same e-card seems to come up every year with different illustrations and every year I have […]

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