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  • Soothing the Pain

    Soothing the Pain

    What if we want to sayJust for todayIt’s too much All the stuff It’s too tough The current The past Why do the tears continue to fall, the pain have to lastI’ve felt it allWhy can’t we just get through it fast?Caught in the netOf so many regrets It just hurts Scared of making things worse  The alcohol voicenow sees a chanceto…

  • Surf the Urge

    Surf the Urge

    It’s funny… What I’m starting to learn Is that far from being lostThere’s much less costTo sobriety  Well that surprised me! Not what I was expecting And it really does help, connectingAccountability I think is keyCertainly it is for me The bridge to alcohol I’m trying to burn And now when I yearn Feel desperate for a drink I’m beginning to…

  • Water?


    A beautifully refreshing thirst-quenching drink It won’t dehydrate Make me stay up too lateUnable to sleep Consuming it won’t mean secrets I suddenly can’t keep It won’t give me a headache Or continue to take Much more than it gives Hmmmm I actually need this I don’t need wine to live What is this wonderful healthy drink Well you can get it ! From the…

  • Sitting with the Contradictions

    Sitting with the Contradictions

    As I write this now I feel just so and happy and proud for having resisted the cravings of a Saturday night because what’s on the other side of that makes it all worth it. And what was once a garden of earthly delights is now a minefield. I’ve made a commitment to myself to…

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