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How do You Stop Drinking When You Love to Drink?

Barbed Heart Tough Love

If you’re trying to stop drinking, how do you break the cycle of getting to day 3, or 5, or 7 alcohol-free, and finding yourself drinking again because you talk yourself into thinking that you can handle just one or two? How do you get to the point where you don’t retreat to old habits

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Reach for Empowerment

“We Love it, we commiserate with it, we celebrate with it, but you have a Problem with It, and Nobody wants to talk to You” – That’s how the BBC series ‘Like Minds: Why is using alcohol to cope so common?‘ begins. Whether you call it alcohol abuse, alcoholism or alcohol use disorder, alcohol addiction

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Non Drinking versus Drinking Lives

glass of drink

Have you ever had that discussion with the drinker who can’t understand why on earth you would bother giving up drinking when clearly drinking is the source of all the good things in life? It’s a challenge that I think faces us all at some point. In fact it is something I face all the

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My Beautiful Mind at 1,000 days Sober

Painted woman's face

I can’t remember ever aspiring to be sober. The word sober always seemed sad and dull and heavy to me. When I was young, when I was checking out adults to see which type I’d like to become, the sober adults seemed rather stiff. I was either told that they couldn’t drink because they had

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