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  • More Joy Please

    What makes us happy? What gives us joy? What brings real comfort? How do we find peace?  Most of us could have easily answered those questions at age three or four or five. But when was the last time we even stopped to consider them?  One of the soul-stripping effects of any addiction is the […]

  • Nailing the Narcissist

    I had a friend who I thought was funny, quirky and troublesome. She was troublesome, but I thought that together we were so much fun that everyone would forgive us for the scrapes we got into. I used to really like hanging out with her but things turned. Meeting up with her started to drain […]

  • Disney Mentality

    Yesterday I watched a documentary called Drinking Yourself to Death and it really had me thinking and pondering. It was made in the UK in 2015 and the statistics were all UK. I have to believe things are very similar in the USA. Actually, things seem to have gotten worse these last few years. In […]

  • Walking Away from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

    Woman Walking Away

    If you’re drinking too much, too often, and think you need support to stop drinking, you are not alone. Going alcohol-free can be a challenge but it is not the dramatic loss that you may expect it to be. Most people are afraid that without an occasional drink here and there the color will drain […]

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