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  • There is no drug Sweeter than my Sobriety

    There is no drug Sweeter than my Sobriety

    Sober Curious No More ! There it is 100 Days Alcohol-Free ! Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. I didn’t plan to quit drinking until the day it happened, instantly upon reading the article here, Guide to the first month of Sobriety….For the Sober Curious. It was the first time I had […]

  • CBD Oil Helped Me Stay Sober

    CBD Oil Helped Me Stay Sober

    After experiencing depression in my early twenties and being put on mind-numbing drugs for a period of time, I have developed a sixth sense of awareness for when I feel myself slipping back into that unexplained ‘sadness’, that ‘scary’ place. Six weeks ago when I realized that my anxiety and mood swings were leading me […]

  • BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

    BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

    Ok so sometimes life is shitThere’s no denying itBut by being sober We learn to live in the chaos And make sense of it We find we are stronger We can help others for longer Instead of just focusing on ourself Leaving their needs on the shelf We can bolster the self worth of others We can be better friends, lovers, […]

  • More Joy Please

    More Joy Please

    What makes us happy? What gives us joy? What brings real comfort? How do we find peace?  Most of us could have easily answered those questions at age three or four or five. But when was the last time we even stopped to consider them?  One of the soul-stripping effects of any addiction is the […]

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