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Why is it so Hard to Stop Drinking ?

I remember a couple of years ago telling a friend that I couldn’t stop smoking because I had some writing to do. I knew that for at least a few weeks I would not be able to write without talking myself into a cigarette. I knew that I would literally not be able to concentrate

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The Conversation in my Head

I hear a distant voice telling me I deserve a reward. “You’ve done well” it says. “Damn right!” I proudly proclaim. “Feeling pretty good?” I hear it ask. “You know it” I reply. “You’re rather proud of yourself” the voice notes. And, yes I am. “You should be” it says. I am enjoying my accomplishment,

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I am Tired

I was half adopted. For those of you who don’t know what that means, for me it was that my mother who was maybe 22, took off from our hometown in the northeast and followed a man to Georgia. That man was not my father. She left me with my grandparents intending to return for

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2 years sober and what I know

Drawing of person as a tree, sober inspiration

Two Years Sober ! It has been interesting and at times very challenging. My sobriety led to the end of my relationship with an abusive partner. It led to moving back to my home town, finding a job, then moving again and holding down a fulltime job that required a lot of traveling. All really

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