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Turning Down the Volume on Cravings with Some Help from Stevie Nicks and Boom!

Stevie Nicks Singing- Turning Down the Volume on Alcohol Cravings with Some Help from Stevie Nicks on Day 2 Sober

Wow! As of today I’ve been sober for almost 3 months! And even though I still have some strong cravings at times (nearly always on weekends), I work through them. My strongest craving so far came on day 2 alcohol-free. Here’s what happened. Day 1 sober went fine, and day 2 started off that way

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How do You Know You Have a Problem With Alcohol? Is It Time to Stop Drinking ?

After a year of becoming sicker and sicker every time I drank, I woke up one morning last summer with the worst hangover in my life and resolved to stop drinking, once and for all. It had taken me a long time to accept that I had a problem with alcohol and needed to free

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It’s Great to Be Free – Alcohol Free

If it wasn’t for BoomI know I would drink again soonIt’s become an outlet for meWhere I feel understoodInstead of tired from being misunderstoodIn my normal day to day lifeI’ve found what works for meA life of healing and being free I would drink if I was happyLonely or bored evenBut now I’ve found a

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How to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober by Telling Your Story

Four years ago I started this Boozemusings Community as a celebration. I had learned that sharing my story in a private online community, and reading the stories of other people like me, was the key to my stopping drinking. I was 50 years old, technology illiterate, and had never been a writer, but writing, reading,

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