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Skipping Drunksgiving – Start Celebrating Your Holiday Season Happily Alcohol-Free

Woman With Thanksgiving Turky Proudly Celebrating Alcohol-Free

One of the women in my online community asked for help to get through Drunksgiving without drinking. How could she celebrate the holiday alcohol-free, on a night when it seemed that EVERYONE in her community would not only be drinking but be celebrating getting drunk? When did Drunksgiving become an official, unofficial holiday? When did

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No More Hangovers No More Shame

Woman walikng away from Hang overs

She thought how many months and years ago she woke for the final time like that…. the hangover… the shame … How cruel, how harsh they are, she’d thought. A picture, a video, – showing a tormented soul.The person looks like her but she doesn’t recognise them.Her aura is broken, shattered by her liquid friend.Harsh

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Tough Love

For me, at this crossroadsThere are 2 choicesEither get busy being soberAnd make it happenOr slide into addictionAnd watch that happenTough Choice Love? The first should have a good outcomeThe other will definitely not Do you want to live?And do it authentically?Or do you prefer to rot?It comes down to that reallyTough Love When there

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