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How to Stay Sober on Election Day and at Other Times of Stress and Crisis

Statue of Liberty with American Flag - How to stayu sober on Election Day

There has never been an election day in the United States like this one. We are as divided as it is possible to be and both sides see catastrophe if the other wins. There is an energy of distrust in the air and the disturbing possibility that determining the winner may be a long, painful

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Staying on Track – How I Stopped Drinking with the Help of an Online Community

Hands Reaching Out How I Stopped drinking and Stayed sober with an Online Community

I realistically started my sober journey in December of 2019. It was then that I realized that my drinking was extremely out of control and that it had progressively gotten worse as last year came to a close. When I admitted this both to myself and my psychologist, she got me in touch with the

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Turning Down the Volume on Cravings with Some Help from Stevie Nicks and Boom!

Stevie Nicks Singing- Turning Down the Volume on Alcohol Cravings with Some Help from Stevie Nicks on Day 2 Sober

Wow! As of today I’ve been sober for almost 3 months! And even though I still have some strong cravings at times (nearly always on weekends), I work through them. My strongest craving so far came on day 2 alcohol-free. Here’s what happened. Day 1 sober went fine, and day 2 started off that way

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How do You Know You Have a Problem With Alcohol? Is It Time to Stop Drinking ?

After a year of becoming sicker and sicker every time I drank, I woke up one morning last summer with the worst hangover in my life and resolved to stop drinking, once and for all. It had taken me a long time to accept that I had a problem with alcohol and needed to free

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