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There is no magic trick to this. No clever method. You stop drinking alcohol. And you take every day as a new one.And you don’t drink whatever happens. And you read and you do other things.And you live through feeling so very uncomfortable.And you live through feeling so scared and anxious. At first. And you

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Celebrate Life this Fourth of July

This came up a few times on my social media feeds yesterday, If you drink a fifth on the fourth, you won’t go forth on the fifth… Sadly, holiday weekends are always prime time for traffic fatalities caused by drunk driving and in the United States, July is the deadliest month. Drunk driving kills someone

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Join Us for Dry July

We’ve been told for years that drinking red wine and alcohol in general, can do everything from lower our risk of heart disease to help us control our weight. The recent reports that alcohol actually contributes to the development of 7 types of cancer has done little to hinder the marketing of wine and alcohol as healthy, essential, and fun. Dry July turns the whole shebang on it’s head by making it healthy, essential and FUN to NOT drink for a month while raising money to help people with cancer in the process.

The Runaway Train

So we start a little journey on a fun looking train, not sure where it’s destination is but it looks cool and exciting.We get off at our designated stop to go home safe and sound.We get on this same train again and again and it takes us on a pleasant journey and we disembark as

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Top Ten Alcohol-Free Internet Entertainments

10. Bake this cake: www.allfood.recipes/hummingbird-cake/ 9. Try out some AF drinks: www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=non+alcholic+drinks&len=9&rs=ac 8. Create your own website or blog: http://wordpress.com/ 7. Have a Spa party: www.pinterest.com/lacey_pentland/party-girls-spa-day/ 6. Watch a free movie: www.hulu.com 5. Read a great book free: www.gutenberg.org/ 4. Learn a new language, fun and free: www.duolingo.com/ 3. Take a college class for free:

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