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The Alcohol and Depression Rollercoaster

Roller coaster alcohol and depression

Drink me up and drink me down. 2020 has been a roller coaster year in which anxiety, depression, and related substance abuse have increased substantially. Drinking alcohol is considered by many to be an acceptable escape from loneliness, stress, and sorrow. But in this epic year of crisis after traumatic crisis, it can be hard

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Mapping out 110 days Alcohol Free – BOOM!

This is a map from drunk to sober. A map that I drew along the way with help from the people here. Today I am 50 years old and 110 days alcohol-free ! 110 days without a hangover. 110 days sober and holding fast. Not even the Covid19 lockdown could break my stride. I had

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Burnout and Depression in Early Sobriety

Woman on Journey looking toward storm Burnout in Early Sobriety

Today I am 142 days sober. Yee Haa!… but… I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, physically and mentally. When my initial pick cloud drifted away, I started researching burnout and depression in early sobriety and came across a few articles. Burnout results when the fuel that we use to continue our work of sobriety, has essentially been depleted. This

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CBD Oil Helped Me Stay Sober

After experiencing depression in my early twenties and being put on mind-numbing drugs for a period of time, I have developed a sixth sense of awareness for when I feel myself slipping back into that unexplained ‘sadness’, that ‘scary’ place. Six weeks ago when I realized that my anxiety and mood swings were leading me

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