Tag: Determination

  • 25 Things to do With Your Alcohol-Free Time!

    When we stop drinking, we often find ourselves with a lot of time we didn’t know we had. This sounds great in theory but very quickly it can start to feel like a void that needs to be filled.  Conversely when trying not to drink, many find the question of what they will do with […]

  • Finding Something You Love More Than Alcohol – Follow Your Bliss

    Woman on Beach Find something that you love more than alcohol

    I love success stories, don’t you? Well, this isn’t one of them.  I’m reporting in on how my 40-in-40 (40 classes in 40 days) Self Yoga Challenge is going: this photo of my coffee mug pretty much says it all. It only took a few days before Life overcame my best intentions and things fell […]

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