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The Seductive Allure of Lying about Addiction

When I was pregnant I did not drink a drop but I did continue to smoke a bit. I had learned that alcohol could hinder brain developemnet in utero and there was no way I would take the chance of getting my babies drunk. I managed however, to talk myself into believing that three cigarettes

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The alcohol effect on middle aged “fun” sensors

There is a lot of science out there about the chemistry of the brain and the effect of alcohol on it. The bottom line from all research whether pro or anti-alcohol is more or less the same. Alcohol affects the brain, PERIOD!!!! I would love to go out there and do tons of research, but

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Lying : the Fuel that Feeds Addiction

The thing about lying to yourself and lying to the people you love about the drink or drugs is that it keeps you down deep in the hole of addiction. When I was ” pretending” not to smoke… pretending not to drink more than a bottle of wine a night … the pretending was almost as addictive to my brain as the alcohol and nicotine. Hiding away. Me and my bottle. Me and my smokes. My precious.