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Why I’m Loving Life Sober – A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Post

Discover the Taste of Serenity - tea post- Dry January 2021 Inspiration

6. I am loving life sober because stress is more manageable when I start my day fresh – related reading How to Override your Lizard Brain7. I’m more productive at work8. When I sit forward on a chair I’m way less likely to fall of it in front of everyone9. Zero alcohol means less anxiety

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Join Us for Dry January Support and Inspiration

Dry January 2021 New Year Fresh Start Boom Rethink the Drink

The beginning of a New Year is a common time to reflect on our lives and look forward to the changes we want to make. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been reflecting on your life with alcohol and you don’t like what you see. Whether your goal is to do Dry January

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4 Essential Tools to Staying Sober

New Years Sobriety Tool Box

As I’ve moved through my first year sober, I’ve started to view sobriety as a practice, as an ever-unfolding complex web of daily negotiations, rather than as a binary ON or OFF switch. To me, a sobriety tool kit is not just a list of things we can turn to when times get tough, but

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