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Dealing With FOMO in Dry July

Black Bunny -- FOMO in Dry July

Are you suffering from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out while staying alcohol-free this month for Dry July?  Play it forward. When you think about it the alcohol-free options seem more appealing than the norm : Get stressedHit fcuk it switchDrink 1st glass of alcohol Feel good for a few minutesFeeling is wearing offHave more booze Feel ok

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Dry July 2020, Day 7 Inspiration to Stay Alcohol-Free Today

Dry July 202 Day 7 alcohol-free Inspiration, woman holding on to edge of cliff

In my lifetime there have never been more uncertain times. Australia seemed to have managed the first wave of the Covid pandemic quickly and efficiently but suddenly large areas are in lockdown. The second wave of Covid in the United States has started almost before the first wave rolled to shore. Bars and restaurants that

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Dry July 2020, Day 5 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

Smiling woman in water with Star fish Dry July 2020, Day 5 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

When you do a Dry July or a short term alcohol detox, the first week or two can be pretty uncomfortable. We normally associate sober withdrawal symptoms with physical dependency, but even if you only drink routinely on the weekend, or are someone who has a few drinks but doesn’t overdo it most nights, you

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