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  • 25 Things to do With Your Alcohol-Free Time!

    25 Things to do With Your Alcohol-Free Time!

    When we stop drinking, we often find ourselves with a lot of time we didn’t know we had. This sounds great in theory but very quickly it can start to feel like a void that needs to be filled.  Conversely when trying not to drink, many find the question of what they will do with…

  • Magically Sober “BOOM” !

    Magically Sober “BOOM” !

    It was very hard to stop drinking. I was used to “doing”. I didn’t know how to relax. My relaxing came in a bottle and without it I had to figure it out a new way to live.

  • 127 days and counting

    127 days and counting

    A friend asked me last week if I was really never going to drink again. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I’m on a 12 month HSM but would have chosen lifetime if the option had existed. When I joined HSM I was at that magical place where I was really ready to…

  • It Hurts to Grow

    It Hurts to Grow

    The most important gift that we can give our children is to grow in front of their eyes. If they see us fall, get up again and move forward with more wisdom… And fall, get up again….move forward… If we let them see us cry… Then they will know that even though it hurts to…

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