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  • Recovering is Uncovering-Be Patient With the Process

    Recovering is Uncovering-Be Patient With the Process

    The early work of sobriety is not drinking. It feels like all you do, who you are, what you read and listen to, and why you are awake and trying again. The physical part can be pretty easy for some but for others its a real bear. The good news is that physical changes are…

  • Learning to Feel the Feels at 8 Months Sober

    Learning to Feel the Feels at 8 Months Sober

    I’ve been alcohol-free for almost 8 months and that means having to face a whole lot of things that I once drowned out with excessive daily drinking. I am in much of the same mindset that I was when my son was born 18 years ago. Nothing in my environment had changed back then except…

  • Soothing the Pain

    Soothing the Pain

    What if we want to sayJust for todayIt’s too much All the stuff It’s too tough The current The past Why do the tears continue to fall, the pain have to lastI’ve felt it allWhy can’t we just get through it fast?Caught in the netOf so many regrets It just hurts Scared of making things worse  The alcohol voicenow sees a chanceto…

  • Feelings are like Lighthouses

    Feelings are like Lighthouses

    I think the toughest thing to deal with when we get sober, is the onslaught of feelings. The normal human reactions and responses that we medicated for years, or decades. Christ, they come at us like huge waves in the first couple of years, no doubt about it. Sometimes tsunamis. It’s one of the reasons…

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