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  • The Magic is Within Us All

    Evicting the Wine Witch : Get away from victim mentalityIt curbs authenticity Gives the Wine Witch permission and authority To try to ruin your life, oh boy Do you want to hand over your capacity for joy?To someone who doesn’t careDelights when you despair inmisery  It’s not easy to seeWhat a slippery slope Wine can beIt crept up […]

  • Beat the Beast

    I am a huge fan of the artist Banksy. With images like the one at the beginning of this post, he reflects every indescribably de-humanizing aspect of consumerism with dis-arming humor. His work invokes an emotion, a depth of understanding, that make words a clumsy vehicle in comparison. And his anonymity, his use of public […]

  • Alcohol-Free? You Better Believe It- BOOM! Rethink the Drink

    Alcohol-Free? You Better Believe It – poem by Floss Half the battle is believing it can be done Believing in the power of oneTo change the world even if just for one person Be that a loved one or yourself You can do it Don’t tell yourself negative bullshit,Designed to keep you down and “safe” from danger,To success […]

  • Why I Don’t Drink …

    I’m the one at the bar nervously looking around if the server isn’t there right away to offer me my first drink or a refill. I’m the one who will have a glass before I go out to eat and drink. I’m the one who’s glass is always empty before everyone else’s. I’m the one […]

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