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Why I Don’t Drink …

I’m the one at the bar nervously looking around if the server isn’t there right away to offer me my first drink or a refill. I’m the one who will have a glass before I go out to eat and drink. I’m the one who’s glass is always empty before everyone else’s. I’m the one

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I am Dead

I had to shed the veneer of what I had become and be my own true self again. I had to destroy the person that my old companion BOOZE had helped to create. I had to die to all the weaknesses that I had succumbed to. I had to die to all of the disappointments and regrets that my companion and I had created. I had to die as his partner, so I could live.

Getting Back to Sober When You Slip

The people who I have talked to that have used naltrexone have had the best results if they have used naltrexone to fight cravings in an abstinance program with support from peers who are also abstaining. Blogging, going to meetings, talking to a counselor, working through a book like Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind or whatever combination of those things work for you.