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  • A Burning Desire

    A Burning Desire

    Alcohol is not controllable for me like the fireplace fire contained in a box. Alcohol for me is a raging forest fire. If I drink again it may start slowly, it may begin to burn in a straight line that looks like it will follow a predictable path but inevitably it will become an all…

  • The Good Stuff about Alcoholics Anonymous

    The Good Stuff about Alcoholics Anonymous

    First a disclaimer, my most intense AA grudges are rooted in the trauma of growing up Catholic. Otherwise, I would do what many folks do: Focus on the good of AA and ignore/laugh off the rest, plus add a zing of rebellion. I would refer to myself as “AA Member” and not “Alcoholic” because that’s…

  • I am an Anarchist

    I am an Anarchist

    ” Individualistic Anarchism emphasises the individual and their will over external determinants such as groups, society, traditions, and ideological systems “ I have a friend who works with a passion from Monday to Friday. Saturday morning for him is reserved exclusively for completing the weekly shopping. Religiously. I was surprised to receive an MMS of…

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