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Alcohol Awareness Agenda – Please Stop Sober Shaming!

Alcohol Awareness Month Stop Sober shaming

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. We speak often and openly about our national epidemic of opioid addiction, yet talking of alcohol as an equally dangerous drug is considered an overreaction. Suggesting that Wine o’clock is problematic can get you kicked out of the cool club. I wish that society could show

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Breaking the Spell of Wine o’Clock

Woman enchanted walking into wine o clock spell

Listen to this post read by the author on Spotify using the button above I think that it was the author Lucy Rocca who coined the term Wine Witch. Belle, who writes the blog Tired of Thinking about Drinking, came up with a malevolent wine o’clock voice named Wolfie. In the rational recovery program, the

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Walking Away from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

person walking away from drinking

I didn’t understand what an alcohol-induced blackout was until I read Sarah Hepola’s book Blackout : Remembering the things I Drank to Forget. Before I stopped drinking I had actually had many blackouts, I just didn’t realize that when I woke up with no memory of going to sleep, and no memory of the conversations

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What Works – Two years Alcohol-Free

I used to stop drinking for a month and pat myself on the back and drink again and slide back to drinking just as much. I used to go a month without alcohol and count the days until I could drink again. I couldn’t imagine a life without drinking as part of it- in some

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