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Soothing the Pain

What if we want to sayJust for todayIt’s too much All the stuff It’s too tough The current The past Why do the tears continue to fall, the pain have to lastI’ve felt it allWhy can’t we just get through it fast?Caught in the netOf so many regrets It just hurts Scared of making things worse  The alcohol voicenow sees a chanceto

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The Simplicity of How This Mom Finally Stopped Drinking

Woman in house

The image at the beginning of this post is literally how I used to feel. I used to feel trapped in the domesticity that I had chosen. I was a vibrant, active, loving wife and mom. Like many of my friends, I had my children after becoming established in my career. My daughter was born

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Mummy Juice

Pink whistle

So I’m going to be a strong fun sexy mum, if I drink every night?  Hmmmmmm. Even though at the time I was in denial about my own problem drinking, I knew that Why THIS Mummy drank was not because I stepped on a piece of Lego. (That does hurt a lot don’t get me

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