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Break Free of the Staus Quo

I can’t say enough about the inspiration coming from Tama Kieves. She’s not a leader in the recovery movement (her partner is in long-term recovery, however) but she IS a leader in the movement of being who we truly are and all we can be. And the journey she is describing here applies so beautifully and

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Who Am I

Who am I? A question I have asked myself many times over my life. If I think carefully and honestly, the answer has never changed. What has changed is my reluctance to accept the answer. As we grow we learn many things about ourselves. We also learn what others expect of us and the visions

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You Have to Have Faith

When I stopped drinking I was so used to feeling like crap physically and emotionally that I had NO idea how crap I felt. I thought that feeling like crap was just part of middle age. I bought into the idea that aging was the boulder I was pushing up hill and had no idea that the boulder was actually alcohol.

It's Never too Late

Why work so hard when we can simply decide to stop drinking and save a HUGE amount? What is the fascination with booze that sees us waste our money, our lives and our dreams? If it’s truly an addiction with major brain chemistry alterations etc., then why aren’t our governments legislating to limit the damage? A giant coverup and a national problem is what’s happening in Australia.

My Beautiful Mind at 1,000 days Sober

I can’t remember ever aspiring to be sober. The word sober always seemed sad and dull and heavy to me. When I was young, checking out adults to see which type I’d like to become, the sober adults seemed rather stiff . They either couldn’t drink because they had a “problem” with alcohol or they

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