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  • Nothing tastes better than sober…

    Nothing tastes better than sober…

    People world wide carry out normal every day lives without booze alongside people who drink. They are not bored stupid every night. They have friends. They go out. They drink liquids. Yes. I know. This came as a shock to me also in the beginning. The reality is that addictive substances lie. They convince you, you can’t live without them. The media and advertising are on their team and tell you the same. But the reality is that while it can feel weird, stressful, uncomfortable, lonely and a bunch of other emotions at once, after a time AF, you find your ‘new normal’. And…. brace yourself for the next shocking revelation… you CAN enjoy this lifestyle.

  • Guest Post

    Guest Post

    I am a person who has struggled with serious bouts of addiction for most of my life; I suppose it is just part of my personality,that now I realize will be the death of me if I continue. I have decided to work on sublimation; but more on that later. I have struggled with alcohol […]

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