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  • Does it Feel Like Maintaining Sobriety is Impossible?

    Frustrated person Head in hands Sobriety is Impossible

    This time last year, I was a broken human being. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is absolutely true. I was hanging on to my seventh job in two years by a thread. I had no friendships to speak of. I mostly ignored my preteen son, relying on my aunt to handle the vast […]

  • Hearing the Distress Call – How I Finally Quit Drinking

    Woman in Distress How I quit Drinking

    My body has been calling Mayday for a while now. It’s not that I wasn’t listening. I definitely felt the pain, the sickness, the anxiety. I’m not someone who can ignore my body. I am vigilant and alert to any sign of being “off.” When I got pregnant both times I knew right away, even […]

  • Want to Stop Drinking? Blog Away from “Wine o’Clock”

    Woman writing her way sober

    I published my first public blog post in March of 2016. I had never intended to blog or had any interest in writing until I stumbled over a website called Hello Sunday Morning while searching blogs to help me stop drinking. You see I was 50 years old, the mother of an 11 and 15-year-old, […]

  • Looking Back from 5 Months Sober

    woman walking with shadow- looking back from 5 months sober

    I think it’s important to look back- from 5 months sober – to that place I was before. You know that place we go, that one that leaves us so scared and lonely and cut off. Those days /nights where you’ve drunk so much and you’re getting louder and slurring your words, and you’re repeating […]

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